When it rains (you know the rest)

Another “no” as a notch on my belt at least it was one of the better agencies out there that probably has a line up that goes around the block to get into their door. So I sent my resume to them and then heard back from someone from their Toronto office. They said they would be in touch in a few weeks, they were not so I inquired over twitter, they got back to me and then a day later I got a formal “no”.

I was more disappointed that I never had the chance to make a case, that I got a “no” without having the chance to talk to someone and for a community manager role that is all about the conversation. For some reason I found that kind of ironic.

It is hard when you put yourself out there faults and all. It is so easy for someone to say no to someone like me because my strengths and weaknesses are on full display. People want to filter you through their lenses because like the Internet some agencies like this one must go through endless resumes.

They stated that they checked my work which means they did a Google search and that I wasn’t the right fit. What I would of actually liked is if they gave me feedback on the reason for the “no” which would of been useful but you rarely get that from most of these people.

Did I want the position? yeah of course but if I got a no without ever talked to anyone then that tells me a lot and that maybe that place wasn’t ready for my kind of rock and roll.