The Demi & Ashton Foundation asks if you are a “Real Man”

I was watching the Piers Morgan show last night (14/14/2011) and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were on to talk about their crusade against sex trafficking, which they called modern-day slavery.

The Demi & Ashton Foundation aka (DNA) is a U.S.-based Not-For-Profit Organization they created based on the belief that freedom is a fundamental human right. The organization raises awareness about child sex slavery, fights the cultural stereotypes that pervade our society and helps victims begin to heal.

The married couple just launched a campaign called “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls,” meant to help spread awareness and push people take a stand against sex slavery.

These spots star some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Canada’s own Drake, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Fox, Sean Penn and Justin Timberlake among others to shine a light in a funny and off-beat way on this horrific practice.

If you go to the Demi & Ashton Foundation Facebook Page you can take a stand against sex trafficking. They take your Facebook profile picture and will add it to the end of the video of your choice to show that you are a “real man” of if you are female prefer a “real man”.

Here is the spot starring Drake called “Real Men are Distrustful of Robots”:

Credit: The DNA Foundation (via YouTube)