Jack Astor’s Makes ZAK its AOR

Marketing Magazine reports that Jack Astor’s Restaurant has picked Zulu Alpha Kilo (ZAK) as their new AOR. The focus will be advertising, digital brand identity, point-of-sale and social media.

Zak Mroueh started Zulu Alpha Kilo after leaving TAXI as their Chief Creative Officer in 2007 and had worked on the brand during his time there. George Kakaletris the VP of Marketing and Branding at SIR Corp who is Jack Astor’s parent company said in the article that he gave Mroueh a call was because of their earlier history.

George was going to undertake a formal review but after talking with several Toronto agencies over the past few months he felt that Zulu Alpha Kilo was the right shop for their needs. Zak Mroueh said in the piece that there is a lot of potential for Jack Astor’s “to do some unconventional things” and I for one love the unexpected, that is one of the things that makes advertising so much fun.

Jack Astor’s has 32 restaurants in Canada with 3 in Quebec but the focus would be on the English market. Congrats to Zak and company on the new business and  expect the work to start popping up this fall.

Credit: Marketing Magazine