So What Happens When Saturn Returns?

What is the state of the communications industry in 2011 is a question that casts a long shadow for vets and newbies alike as they all prognosticate on what the future will bring. So what does Saturn have to do with anything? Well according to Wikipedia a Saturn Returns is an astrological phenomenon that marks how long it takes for Saturn to orbit the sun about 29.5 years.

According to astrological theory this happens about three times in a person’s life and is a period of reflection, refinement and change. Brianna Graves is the creator, founder, writer, traveler and producer of The Saturn Return Project.

She has traveled the globe steeped in curiosity and with this project she wants to begin the journey to answering the questions that have confounded everyone the world over. Is there one answer or are there many, what road will the communications transverse and what does it mean for all of us.

The Saturn Return Project started the conversation on May 9, 2011 and they are looking for you to continue it on their blog and online. Here is Rick de Kock of TBWASOUTH AFRICA talking with Brianna about the state and the future of the advertising industry in Africa sharing his insight on what comes next.

Credit: The Saturn Return Project