The Canadian Olympic Committee Rebrands

We are just a year and a few months from the Vancouver Olympics and in the gear up to London 2012 the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) decided it was time to rebrand. In my opinion it was time to take the fire from Vancouver and use it to light the way to London 2012 and beyond.

The brand refresh took the maple leaf which was a Canadian icon long before it was the flag and made it the centre piece of the brand refresh. Ben Hulse was inspired by decades of stories and imagery of what Canada was and what it is today.

Out of all the images he studied he kept on returning to the maple leaf which became the unifying force in the rebranding. In an article by Fast Company Design he said that “the aesthetic needed to be sporty but not futuristic, historic but fashion forward, bold but humble”.

The layers of colours allow for design flexibility that works in graphics or with pictures. It is about “hiding and revealing the maple leaf depending on the application”. The branding transition will continue in the coming months and will be complete by the end of the year.

Look out London, here comes Canada, in style. Take a look at the video below where Dennis Kim the Executive Director, Brand Marketing of the Canadian Olympic Committee talks about the new Canadian Olympic Team Brand:

The Canadian Olympic Team Brand from Canadian Olympic Team on Vimeo.

Now here are some pictures for good measure:

Credit: The Canadian Olympic Team Brand