To Job or Not to Job

To job or not to job, that is the path

I will find the equation to settle this math

A few directions are open each scary and new

Should I travel to a job or start to run through


If I were to work what should I do

Shall I make my way to the corporate en lieu

Is a startup the path to take

To wear many hats and get a chance to make


The job hunt is one part russian roulette

With a side of chips needed to take on the bet

The house always wins as they say

The deck is stacked against you long before you play


The other part is the illusion of the stable

Run because that is a phantom that is not able

What will make it so that you can increase your odds

Or do you take a step back away from the mobs


Work the angles and play by a new set of rules

Take smart risks and show them that you are no fool

Never fear failure because that is funnel

the hole you must dig to get to the end of this tunnel


Companies in the job hunt are all about the filter

They loose a ton of talent that is for others to pilfer

I am not perfect, I make a ton of mistakes

I am better for them and that is part of the breaks


I shall listen more than I talk

That is key to what curiosity sought

I am bruised but I can never be broken

I will not stop the march and will continue to be outspoken