The Occupation Movement in Toronto

I am about to see what the protests are like at St James Park in downtown Toronto. With only a camcorder, mic and iPhone in hand I had to come. I remember the G20 protests and this one already feels different. As if the lessons on all sides were taken to heart.

The turnout is better than I expected given the weather, there are drums beating and enough signs to make a house from. The messages are diverse and the people are energized. The tents are up and you wonder if this will go for a day or a week.

There a great energy here and they are about go on with the rally and the mass out front are leading the crowd in a cheer showing their support of Occupy Wall Street.

It makes me think that no matter who you are or where you live many of the fundamental issues are the same. They are based on a frustration that has escalated since the global recession.