The Speedboat Frisbee Catch is #BadAss

I was just minding my own business the other day when I saw this trick shot video on CNN where one guy throws a frisbee from a bridge and its caught by another dude jumping off a boat WOW! I wonder how many takes it took to get this one done. You have to love these great trick shot videos.

I bet these guys must have more bloopers than success, given the odds but you can’t deny their mad skills and commitment to finding more outlandish ways to get a great trick shot. How about a trick shot video from a roller coaster at an amusement park? Not that I am recommending that but you know it would be awesome given what these people have done already.

Keep it up guys, your videos are great and can’t wait to see what shot you come up with next. What Guinness world records do you guys have and what is next? You just line these things up and knock’em down.