Toronto Batman is Awesome Fun

Hey it is Toronto Batman yelling about his dead parents to tourists and wanders alike. This video taken in February 2012 and produced by Sean Ward (@seanward) and stars Toronto Batman (@torontobatman) AKA Alex Brovedani as the caped crusader. I am just happy to see a video go viral from Toronto and that I have been to all those places many times. Love that Batman ends up partying it up at the end. I want to see more of that. 🙂

The thing about viral videos is you never know what is going to hit. One of the issues is you have to continue to create content and should never try to make a viral video but just make a good video and if it goes viral at some point that just becomes icing on the cake. Congrats to Sean and Alex on the video achieving over 450k views on YouTube. It is well deserved, great job Batman and would that mean Sean is Robin?