The Lock of the (Writer’s) Block

I am reading Story by Robert McKee and in every book about storytelling you face the bitch that is writers block. Personally it is less writers block and more decision paralysis instead. My issue has always been about how to cull the infinity that the blank page brings. How do you tell a unique story in a world where every archetype has been tred over like a stripper works her poll.

To create a coherent and consistent world that doesn’t feel staged means knowing the rules and details of the world. Maybe I shouldn’t try to make the universe but instead know every detail in a block, the people, culture and the jive that makes it a place people want to learn about.

Depth is about detail and looking beneath how a character represents themselves to what drives the choices both those that shine and those did themselves as the reapers chew toys.

I am not sure what I am writing but I know I need to start. I am an Internet whore but the immediacy of being online all the time chasing the newest shiny will keep the bitch of the page, blank and as a writer I know that can’t stand.

Everyone is the hero of their own blockbuster, we all save the day from the end, no matter the stereotypes, cliches or plot devices. I need to go deeper and reach out farther than ever and I can’t afford to wait or else a can of dog food will be my future and that is one journey I don’t want to take.