Crafting Tales

I want to do more than tell a tale or craft a story I want to create a world. I have an old idea for a sci-fi one that I put down a few years back that took place in the near future on Mars.

Currently I am reading The Game of Thrones after just watching the season premiere last week. I thoroughly enjoy the world that Martin created. The characters have deep backgrounds with fully realised motivations so far as I have read.

Structurally I liked chapters based on different characters because it gave me focus as I went through the narrative. Having those POV characters have you a taste of a lot of different people but there are times when I wanted to see some characters s to meet up.

When I was reading the first book I immediately gravitated towards Jon Snow as a character. Probably because I have always felt apart from my family. Deep down I yearn for brotherhood. I always wanted to go into the military for that simple fact. So when Jon took to black I could see the attraction and the pain it would cause.

Instead of trying to create a fully realised world I am thinking of creating a short story for one. This story will have a narrow focus but will help me to start putting in the foundation for this new universe i see in my head.

Initially I wanted to see if I could merge the fantasy and science elements but that Is hard to do because they diametrically oppose each other. To believe in one within the context of the story is to make the other one unbelievable.

I read that in “Science Fiction is the genre of storytelling that makes the improbable seem possible, while Fantasy is the genre that makes the impossible seem probable.” Can these two perceptions exist for the audience without weakening the other?

I don’t know, I want to write these stories but I have never done so before and that has always caused me to take pause but the time for waiting is over, I can’t wait I just need to do.

The first one will not be good but I hope over time I can be better each go around. That is the mission for me and that is one in my heart I know I have no choice but to pursue.