Finding a Starting Point

I am trying to find a starting point to tell this story and the problem I have is that there are many ways to come into this narrative. In reality the bigger problem is finding the sweetspot that best introduces these characters to the audience. The pilot of Mad Men is a great example of a show that did it well. They picked smoking as the introductory client and the dichotomy between then and today because of that subject help to highlight the contrast between that era and today.

In a stand alone movie you have to tell a complete story that satisfies your audience but in a show you have the opportunity to layer different stories in because you have hours instead of minutes to tell the tale. What I am facing now is where that point of introduction is. I need to get all my ducks in order or at least enough of them to know the character of this story. Otherwise I risk it feeling incomplete to the audience and that does no one any good.

Since I am having trouble with that I am writing scenes I know have value even if they may not be used. I am doing this to start the process of writing these voices. They are inconsistent right now because I am still trying to know who these characters are myself.

Cheers to the story and the characters who I am telling it about. That’s the goal I am working towards.