Fake the Famous – Hire a bodyguard, assistant, and a few paparazzi

Brett Cohen decided he wanted to know what it felt like to be famous so he 2 bodyguards, paparazzi, an assistant and a film crew to follow them as they went through Times Square. What a great social experiment that was. Brett dressed like a typical celebrity and he had his hired assistants and photographers wait for him as he exited NBC Studios.

That is when the buzz started. Brett never answered the question who was he, the people were either forced to make something up or take a picture and ask people on Twitter of Facebook. The crowds grew as they walked and by the time the stunt was said and done Brett had take pictures with almost 300 people.

Great job Brett, I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes as a celebrity. Loved that they just ate it up. That shows you how celebrity obsessed our society is.


Executive Producer: Brett Cohen
Co-Producer: Edward Sturm
Editor: Michael Sorace
Director: Edward Sturm
Principal Cinematographer: Benjamin Chacko
Principal Camera Operator: Woo Kim
Interview Camera Operator: Peter Bohnhof
Fringe Camera Operator: Michael Sorace

Celebrity: Brett Cohen
Interviewer: Edward Sturm
Bodyguard One: “Mr. E”
Bodyguard Two: Jeffrey Lichtenstein
Assistant: Sara Bowers
Publicist: Rebecca Lieberman
Paparazzi: David Dominick
Paparazzi: Nikita Vasilyev
Paparazzi: Malvika Jolly
Paparazzi: Joseph Laine
Paparazzi: Peter Guagliano
Paparazzi: Jennifer Haynie
Paparazzi: Ciaran Smith
Paparazzi: Joseph Dash
Paparazzi: Christian Eldridge