Seven Days of getting Physical


2014-07-16 10.29.18

So it’s been a week since I decided I wanted to learn a martial arts (thanks Mike), in this case Muay Thai in Thailand. I knew that if I go as I am now that the jump might be too much for me to handle and I would probably quit.

I don’t want and can’t let that happen so I started sparring and run/walking just to get into the habit of being physical since the most physical I get is just doing a ton of walking and trekking. I just started looking for a gym in Thailand, one where I can live and train straight. I know no one will read this but if you have any recommendations give me a shout.

The first day I just tested the waters with some sparring and the next day I took a longish stroll to the park (which took more than an hour). Since then every day I’ve tried to do something, mostly I’ve failed, sometimes I can just make it past the edge and usually I feel exhausted and just want to pass out.

One stupid thing I am doing is hitting myself with a small wooden board, it’s about the size of a ruler but decently thick. I’ve hit my legs more than a thousand times already and a few hundred for the arms. Yes it is stupid but damn if it isn’t working because in just a few days I can feel the difference.

It’s been a lot of just finding rhythm to get active. I worry if I can keep it going on my own or whether I will just go back to being lazy which is a huge risk. Currently my legs kill but for some reason I feel the need to continue on. Who knows what will happen or if I can last through training like it was a full-time job but if I can get a little better physically then that is enough for me.

The reason that I need to train full-time is that I’m still travelling and I won’t commit otherwise. I need a solid foundation so that I can train on my own. I don’t expect to get in the ring or to become an expert what I hope is for some solid ground to build upon for the future and to just calm the tremors of my mind from high to silent, at some point. That’s the goal and this was week one.