I hated running until I learned to Respect it

2018-03-28 07.22.30

The view on my run today, as the sun makes its presence known and filters its golden glow past the burning season haze to warm the valley below.

So I was never really a physical person, I am a stubborn sort of person and even when I started to do muay thai the only thing that kept me there was the fact that I paid for it. I knew I sucked at it, I knew I looked like a fool most of the time but damn it I wasn’t going to keep going.

Even when I stopped feeling like an idiot which took months for me I never ran when they asked us to. I avoided it, I dodged it, I did everything in my God given power not to run.

In the first year of doing muay thai I think I ran once just to say I did it. It wasn’t until I had to prepare for my first fight that I started to run. In all the times I had to do it, I didn’t enjoy it, I did it because that’s what I was told to do.

I couldn’t run with the group, it just made me feel so slow. Even now I probably couldn’t run with everyone running from the gym when they do it every Wednesday and Saturday. The funny thing is that in the months when I was running preparing for a fight it was normal but when I started running after having been away from training for more than a year and a half something changed.

When I returned to Pai I knew I was going to fight and the same rules applied to me this time as it was then even if no else knew them but me. That was that if I was asked to fight I would say yes. As long as I was healthy then I was gonna do it.

Something had changed even if I still don’t know what but now when I run my insulin sensitivity changed. When I ran before I usually made sure to eat something, I wouldn’t have a full meal but just have a drink in my case it was soy milk because it was cheap and easy.

After 2 days or running I was getting several lows but they didn’t feel like what would usually happen. What would normally happen is that I would crash and that can be dangerous as a diabetic but the people at the gym can tell even those times.

after a few days I wondered what was happened and did some reasearch and realized that my insulin sensitiivty had changed. That when I ran now I needed a lot less insulin per meal that I did before.

It wasn’t the muay thai that was doing it, it was only when I ran that changed it. so now when I run instead of taking 8-10 units of novaraid I only need three or four and that is crazy difference. I have no idea why it is like that but that is awesome because it means I can go more than two weeks on a single vial.

I have also noticed that even when I have a low it isn’t has hard, in that I don’t react the same why where I get lethargic and tired. The only thing I can think of because I am not taking a lot of insulin for meals when I run because I know how my body is reacting is that even if I am a bit low since it is sensitivity that is doing the heavy lifting that I feel better even when I am low which is amazing.

I have no idea what changed but damn it I won’t take it. When I run the effects of my increased sensitivity last about a day and it only takes running consistently for 20 t0 30 minutes to it.

So because I am a cheap bastard if I run 4 times a week I can extend the effectiveness of my insulin by a few days at the least. Now when I was in Vietnam I wasn’t running but because of what I know now I am going to try to make it part of my routine even beyond preparing for a fight just because of what it does for my insulin sensitivity.

I wonder what changed for me in that time and what kicked that sensitivity off but no matter what I will take it literally run with it while I can so see you after my next run or at least jog and I have learned to enjoy the runs. They are a time when I can think and in Pai I love the scenery, the calm as the town wakes and the sun finds its way into the valley 🙂