Near the end or at least a pause of the path


I remember when I first made the decision to leave Canada, I thought it would be a year or two of wandering. I thought I would travel and head back but instead I kept going and have had the privilege of meeting amazing people, making places like Thailand and New Zealand homes at different points on the Journey. I had the chance to dive, to trek the jungles, to do those epic visa runs, been woken up by Earthquakes, tramped through the Himalayas, had my shit stolen all over the place, been robbed, had to hunker down for typhoons, windsurfed, learned muay thai, fought in the ring and have been made the better.

You don’t really think about how much the journey can change who you thought was possible and its given me a chance to explore who I was and wanted to be on the most fundamental levels possible. I’m getting ready to buy my first plane ticket back to Canada. In the time I’ve been gone, we’ve gone through a new government, weed has become Legal, Trump became President and the UK is about to get pushed off the Brexit cliff.

But no matter what has or will happened, kids still play, people are still working, living and loving and trying to find their place in this chaos filled world. I know I am not done yet but I also know that I have to jump off into the unknown, to stop looking down and go after what I want. I realize who I want to be and need the courage to grasp it and never look back or apologize for not wanting what was expected but being grateful for the time I have been given to get to this point.

So now it is time to figure out how and what to write, to take the story, no the world and give it a chance to grow. I want to take the inspiration through all my own travels and bring a unique voice to my world. That is and has to be my next step.