What to do in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The view from Minca, Colombia

When I left Canada at the end of February, the coronavirus was already on spreading across the world. When I first arrived in country you saw the signs at immigration warning people about where they have been. Since I left the warnings have increased, borders have closed, the flights in and out of entire continents have become restricted if non existent.

The advice from the Canadian government was to pospone all non essential travel and to return to Canada while you still can. While I’ve been gone the limits and restrictions have only increased but I don’t feel like going back to Canada would improve my current situation since Colombia has less cases than back in Ontario.

Since they are recommending self-quarantine if you return from an outbreak region I don’t know if that would apply to me and since my parents are in their 70’s I don’t want to put them at risk if I were to go back and put them at risk.

My situation is different since I don’t have a fixed time for my travels besides my flight from Colombia to Peru in a few weeks. This gives me the flexibility to just stay put and wait it out. The problem I would have is staying in hostels where I could become exposed by people from all over the world but I don’t feel that would be any riskier than going back at this point.

The only thing I can do is keep up-to-date on the news, be as hygienic as I can be and avoid outbreaks of COVID-19 in Colombia if and when they do pop-up. Most people here are not trying things any differently than normal and that goes against all the news coming out from home, Europe and too many other places to mention.

Instead of adding to the problem or panicking, it makes more sense to take a step back and stay out of the regions where COVID-19 cases are growing and just do the best I can to stay safe. Be careful everyone who end up flying home or even those who are flying out because of the drop in airplane tickets due to the cratering of demand.

I hope we can mitigate the rate of infection and minimize the risk to those vulnerable to the coronavirus by constantly washing our hands, practicing social distancing and avoiding crowds. I hope by staying out of Canada for now I can at least not add to the problems that could occur I’d I were to return. Be safe and stay informed.