#storytime From Clean to the Red Mist

Here is a start of a story, I just need to start writing and this was the beginning of that process for me. It’s not a full story but the start of one. Here is the inciting incident. I still don’t know who these characters are but I needed something to happen to get the ball rolling. This scene wasn’t supposed to go into the direction it did but I needed that moment and I took the Die Hard route given it’s the holidays. I originally posted this on Medium but also want to use my own online space for this material while I get a feel for writing something this way.

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The Writing Game

I would say that everyone is a writer, its just a matter of what that means to the individual. I call myself a writer in my own head but that’s as far as it goes because I just don’t have the confidence to showcase my work.

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Looking back at 7 and a half Years of Travel

When I think back at my travels, Thailand is the first place I return to because it was the first place I landed and a place I returned to again and again across my wandering. It was awe, mystery and wonder all wrapped up in that sense of adventure and what comes next. It was …

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The Weight of the Ten Rings

What is this story about? This takes place almost shortly after Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It doesn’t point to what could happen with the rings or his sister specifically since you don’t know where those stories could go. It is a small tale or part of one that I was using to figure out how to make it flow from exposition to action and description. I’m still figuring out how to make it work. This is part of that journey for me as a writer or want to be writer right now. This is a fan fiction, just me playing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see who these characters from personal perspective.

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The Ship, the Pause and the Boom?

All the LED lights in Engineering began to show a hint of blue which was the signal to the crew that at any moment the countdown would begin. The Baal Shamem was nearing the tail end of its flip and burn as it hurtled through space towards the Saturn Rift Zone (RZ) known to spacers …

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My Random Travel Stats

A random assortment of my travel stats. I never really thought about it until I was applying for a position on Nomadic Matt. He does good work and the pandemic will be a time to refresh his mission and what he can do and who he can reach going forward.

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When will Travel Return

The world we knew when you could travel easily by air to anywhere in the world seems like a different a world. We are in an age of change, where our very ability to connect has been restricted by COVID-19.

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A problem of antisocialism

My current problem is I’m just not social, there are so few of us but I just keep to myself but that’s how I have always been. I go down the Internet rabbit hole and don’t stick my head out of it until I have to. I just shutdown for the most part. It’s always …

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My conflict with Religion vs how I see Faith

In the modern world I tend to see religion as a means of control for people. It is a lot more than that, it is a way people come together, creates common beliefs between people but I differentiate individual belief and faith from organized religion of any kind. I can’t say I’ve ever been religious, …

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What I Frustrates me in Modern Stories in trying to find the One Story I need to Tell

Culture can often be reflected in the stories we tell, the heroes we create and the situations we put them through. If that is the case, I have come to feel that in the stories told within the Hollywood system hit the same beats with such consistency they warp our view of stories as a …

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