Let’s be Inspired via the Awesome Folks at Burning Man!

This is from the 2011 Burning Man festival and the message they ascribe to are something we can all use at times. Thanks to Ryan Coelho for showing it to us. It was awesome, a bit weird, and inspiring.

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Aaron Draplin Presenting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

I saw Aaron Draplin from the Draplin Design Company talk at FITC Toronto this past week.

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New Old Spice Guy vs Old(er) Non Spice Guy

Mano a Mano in El Baño was announced to the world the other day where Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy and incumbent takes on new (more mature) comer FABIO in a battle of manliness versus super long hair. When Fabio first threw down the gauntlet, based on past indications I was hoping for something epic and funny.

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Canada at Cannes 2011

Cannes Lions 2011 is in the books and Canada represented with 3 more Lions than last year for a total of 17. The big winner was Nike’s 3 minute commercial “Write the Future”which took home the Grand Prix in the film category. Canadian represented in film with “Change” by BBDO Toronto for FedEx, “Pink Ponies” by john st. and “Golf” by TAXI  Toronto …

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The Canadian Olympic Committee Rebrands

We are just a year and a few months from the Vancouver Olympics and in the gear up to London 2012 the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) decided it was time to rebrand. In my opinion it was time to take the fire from Vancouver and use it to light the way to London 2012 and …

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Cannes Lions – BBDO Talks Mobile Intimacy

If you could call Cannes Lions anything it would be Christmas for agencies from around the world. This year BBDO, Microsoft and OTX did a study of multi-platform, creative and technology based campaigns to find a framework for marketing success.

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Anyone Can Get Lucky

Who doesn’t want to be lucky sometimes (or all the time)? That one break makes everything else sing. So imagine that lucky moment plus a trip to Fallsview Casino and that was the heart behind BLAMMO’s campaign “Anyone Can Get Lucky”.

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Welcome the Spider for AT&T via BBDO

As AT&T Rethinks what is possible here comes the Spider. This television spot is all about the Samsung Infuse 4G whose colours seem to come alive.

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The Axe Effect Tunisian Style

Here is a social media campaign by Ogilvy to engage Tunisan men in the Axe Effect. In the shadow of the revolution that started the Arab spring Ogilvy went to Facebook where the Tunisian man lays their hat and used the relationship status as the basis of the campaign.

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Scion Rally’s on the Onion and the iPad

ATTIK is a global creative agency that created a unique in-app game that is appearing in the June iPad edition of The Onion (America’s Finest News Source) called the Scion College Rebate Rally.

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