Are you a brand, what is your story and how do you tell it?

I originally wrote this for Linkedin, not for anyone to read, it was just for myself but that’s what most writing is for me in the first place, it’s my way to release the tension and be free of it. When you are telling a friend about your last date, or explaining to a coworker …

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Looking back on working at TNF Auckland (and happy it’s over)

I lived in Auckland for nearly a year and a half and struggled a lot from the very beginning. I was going there for one reason to find work and save as much as I can. Now that it’s done and I have left I look back and realize that I limited myself because of my one overriding goal so save as much as I could.

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A Time for the Razor’s Edge

I have not had a job interview in 8 months and have not applied for anything significant in that time. I have thought about forgoing the world I know to travel the world I have yet to meet. That urge to wander grows stronger with each passing day and in the time that I have …

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Wong Fu #LOL – Dream Job – Company Car

Poor Spencer being on the roof and then used as bait.

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A New Way Through the Noise

I should be looking for a job, in reality I have not since the 2012 started. Why haven’t I? I have been afraid of taking chances, of exploring, really exploring the possibilities beyond just a job. I am in transition from what I thought I wanted to do to trying something completely different that is somewhat alien to me.

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Countdown to Script or Bust (with a serving of dog food)

So after the Lean Startup Machine I was at a bar getting to know some of the other people who attended and I started talking to some people about choosing a path. Should I find a job, write a script or move into the startup game. I just started finding more freelance work and they said …

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The Cheese is Strong in this Twitter Faux Recruitment Video

Just watch and ask WTF! It takes all the worst parts of recruitment videos online. People who can’t act, cheesy music and sound effects and it is so bad it is good.

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In Search of a Job or a Mission

I have been thinking about what am I looking for a job or a mission? That is a key question that I am trying to figure out as I figure my next steps.

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Putting the Building Blocks Together

What doess it mean when you have all the building blocks but you have no idea how they will end up fitting together. I feel like i am so rough around the edges and just trying not to get lost. I am trying to not make too many mistakes while realizing that mistakes are going …

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Looking for little wins among the losses

In life you want to win not necessarily like Charlie Sheen but most of us want to be I’m the winner’s circle. To get to that point is usually determined by the daily battle for inches. We fight bit by bit and it isn’t gonna just be the wins but the losses that create the …

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