My conflict with Religion vs how I see Faith

In the modern world I tend to see religion as a means of control for people. It is a lot more than that, it is a way people come together, creates common beliefs between people but I differentiate individual belief and faith from organized religion of any kind. I can’t say I’ve ever been religious, …

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The Empty

Love comes in so many forms, it is a symphony and dynamic, can be fleeting, enduring and joyous as much as it can be full of pain. It is part of the human condition but for romantic love, for the spark that makes you feel like what was incomplete could now be complete so that …

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To know is to evolve is to grow

I am sitting at the 24 hour Indian restaurant just after breakfast trying to figure out my next move. I face the same issues that have plagued me for years as in I use my cheapness as an excuse to be alone, I’m not willing to go out and engage others beyond the standard travel …

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My Safety Net is Cut, do I fall, do I survive, can I thrive?

Today began like any other and then I was hit with a sledgehammer. My parents and I are not close, never had been. It’s not an easy relationship and as I have traveled it has only gotten more tense.

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Making Now not 2018 the time for Change

I never would have thought that’s what I’d be doing, I never thought I would be here almost 5 years later and still wandering Asia. It’s been an amazing ride and enriched the core of who I am because it has exposed me to see the world in a new way outside the bubble of Western life.

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Finding a new Beat

I’ve been beating this drum for the last few years, stay in a place, spend as little as possible, find something anything to keep busy and then get out. The only real change I had was when I was living and working in New Zealand and that didn’t end well for me with a crappy …

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Time to Move Forward

Every day I wonder what story I should write and what should I say. For years I kept to myself to keep myself from being put in a position where people would give a damn. I liked being invisible because it was easy, it made it feeling forgotten easier and made it so I didn’ve …

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Be the Wolf not the Lamb and F*#k the Normal

Everyone is unique and each one of us has our own story. I was never a normal kid and when real life hit me in the face I fucked up continuously and over time that made me feel like I was worthless because I wasn’t like everyone else. When you hit your mid-twenties the pressure …

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Embrace your contradiction to turn the corner

Just because I am weak doesn’t mean I can’t be strong. You have to realize that we each carry the contradiction with us because it’s that interplay between those forces that makes life unpredictable and special. I love the contradiction, the contrast between what we think and how we feel. How different our rational selves …

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Later Kid – You Better come out Swinging and don’t worry I will do the Same

Thanks Pascal for being a brother

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