The end (of Muay Thai for me) or the end of the Beginning

I am back in Pai for a bit and it’s probably time to appreciate the time I have cause although I am not sure at the moment what will happen I think if I can get 10 to 12 fights under my belt I will call it a day in the ring. Its not that …

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Love the Grind and embrace the Pain

I’ve been doing Muay Thai off and on since August 2014. It was a year into my travels and a friend of mine I met when we were both in Taiwan suggested it to me cause I asked him to teach me to spar. There are those people who are natural athletes, the guys and …

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Getting Back into the Ring Again :)

What it feels like to get back into the muay thai ring for fight number 5 after almost 2 years away and just 2 and a half weeks notice.

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First Fight since January 2016 – Let’s Go

I am fighting today? I can’t believe I am getting into the ring with just 4 weeks of training, having not really trained consistently since I left Charn Chai Muay Thai the first time. I remember the first time I fought, how long it took me just to say yes but when it did happen …

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The Calm in the Chaos

Do you remember being asked what you wanted to be when you grow up? When any choice was possible before reality took the infinite possibilities and made them small. As you grow up you have to get realistic, you are funneled down paths that are not always based on what you want but what’s expected …

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Another Round of Muay Thai in Pai

So I got back to Pai a few days ago after a month in Malaysia. I flew out on Tuesday to Bangkok then grabbed a night bus to Chiang Mai and then another bus to Pai and I was back by 10:30 am. I’ve trianed at a few places since I left but not for …

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Visiting Tauranga – Looks like a great place in the Summer

Here I am sitting in a friend’s place writing while just at the start of living in New Zealand for the next few months to the next 2 years.

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Muhammad Ali Transcends because we Remember

I was not born when Muhammad Ali was at the height of his career. I think I was just 2 months old before his last fight. So all I knew about him was what my dad told me about him. How he had fought the greats of his era and won. I remember hearing about …

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One Month to More than A Year of Muay Thai

Going back to when I first started traveling I never thought I would be doing any sort of martial arts. I thought I would travel the world, see the sights and meet people both locals and other travelers alike. I’ve done all that and a simple remark from a new friend changed everything.

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Thank you for the Moments

There are so many people who have made the last few years worth while and where do I start but with the people I first met that have taught me about kindness and self-worth, that have been an ear when before I had none. Who have shown me that our value isn’t defined by what …

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