All that is Known about Bungie’s Destiny

So here is all that is known of Destiny, I look forward to this new MMOish FPS. Thanks THFE for the awesome video.

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Assassin’s Creed Parkour Style

What a great video by Devin, makes me want to go and play the game right now. Here is the behind the scenes:

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Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 4

I’m really liking Halo 4’s Spartan Ops. So far it is very cool, I wonder how long they will keep it going. There is a lot of interesting development with the original Spartan program and Dr Halsey who created the entire thing. I know it is just fiction but the world they build is very …

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Loved the Web Series Forward Unto Dawn Anticipating Halo 4 Now

I thought that everyone did a great job with making the Halo universe come to life. Turning a game into reality is no easy feat as the litany of video game movie corpses can attest to. Although Forward Unto Dawn isn’t a movie it makes the universe come alive. There are not a lot of …

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Naval Battles – I can feel the epicness

So Assassin’s Creed 3 is right around the corner and here is a look by XboxViewTV at GamerCom about it all. Damn that looks really pretty but one thing I hate is exclusive DLC it drives me mad because you can feel like you are being denied the opportunity to get content based on the …

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Tetris Movie Trailer so LOL and Awesome

With the flop of Battleship and the traditionally horrible game (video or otherwise) movies here is an awesome parody trailer with what better game than Tetris.

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Mass Effect 3 Scenes of Death

This is depressing but since they could have all died in Mass Effect 2 I am just happy all my crew made it to the third one even though I couldn’t bring them back to my squad (which I am still pissed about). Thanks to CVG on YouTube.

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Here is MaleShep’s Voice Actor doing some Improv

So I really liked Mark Meer’s voice in Mass Effect. I can’t imagine how many lines he read over three games. Here is a monologue he did way back when that I wanted to share.

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A Zelda Musical – OMG So Awesome

OK just watch this Zelda musical on YouTube. If you ever played a Zelda game this will make you smile and give the nearest nerd or geek a fist pump.

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Love the @JoelMcHale 3DS vid for Nintendo #LOL

The Community¬†star and face of The Soup, the one and hilarious¬†Joel McHale gets viral in this vid for the House of Mario. The *not so* subtle video takes on explaining as many features of the 3DS in his signature style full of meta references, models and abusing interns all in a few minutes. As a …

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