#storytime From Clean to the Red Mist

Here is a start of a story, I just need to start writing and this was the beginning of that process for me. It’s not a full story but the start of one. Here is the inciting incident. I still don’t know who these characters are but I needed something to happen to get the ball rolling. This scene wasn’t supposed to go into the direction it did but I needed that moment and I took the Die Hard route given it’s the holidays. I originally posted this on Medium but also want to use my own online space for this material while I get a feel for writing something this way.

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What I Frustrates me in Modern Stories in trying to find the One Story I need to Tell

Culture can often be reflected in the stories we tell, the heroes we create and the situations we put them through. If that is the case, I have come to feel that in the stories told within the Hollywood system hit the same beats with such consistency they warp our view of stories as a …

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Using the #coronavirus #lockdown to focus on the Story

The world has seen better days, for the first time since the 1918 Spanish Flu we are facing a global pandemic. Given how connected are world is, the risks as we many peoples around the world are living in close proximity to the natural world it was only a matter of time. The world has …

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Should I blog??

I have been travelling around for a couple years and have met a lot of people that have their own businesses online some doing affiliate marketing, others doing online stores and whatever and I don’t want to get a normal job. I am thinking about writing fiction and or doing a blog of some sort. …

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The Problems with Interactice Storytelling as the Writer

I remember hearing about choose your own adventure books that were for kids where you would go from on page to another depending on the choices you decided to take in the narrative. It sounds really cool but in the traditional model of books it’s clunky and doesn’t create a great reading experience for the …

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Near the end or at least a pause of the path

I remember when I first made the decision to leave Canada, I thought it would be a year or two of wandering. I thought I would travel and head back but instead I kept going and have had the privilege of meeting amazing people, making places like Thailand and New Zealand homes at different points …

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Worldbuilding is the Easy Part (writing the story is the hard one)

At the end of 2013 I was in a odd place, not sure of where to go or how to get there so I started a long process of creating a world I wanted to tell stories in. I have been crafting that sci-fi universe for years now but have yet to take the jump …

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Is there a market for a form of Interactive Storytelling in Written Fiction? #ihavenoclue

I love story in all its forms be it a novel, tv show and or movie but I always gravitiated towards games especially role-playing games because they had the illusion of choice embedded in their gameplay and story. I remember playing old school Bioware games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which had …

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The Empty

Love comes in so many forms, it is a symphony and dynamic, can be fleeting, enduring and joyous as much as it can be full of pain. It is part of the human condition but for romantic love, for the spark that makes you feel like what was incomplete could now be complete so that …

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The Intimate Opponent

From the day we come into the world to our very last we are inundated with stories, those that find their genesis in millenium past, those told in books, on the news and around a camp fire. Stories frame how we see the world, they reflect the beginning, middle and end that is life and …

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