Thank you for the Moments

There are so many people who have made the last few years worth while and where do I start but with the people I first met that have taught me about kindness and self-worth, that have been an ear when before I had none. Who have shown me that our value isn’t defined by what …

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Twitter from from When I First Joined to Now

I remember joining Twitter in 2009 and it was a new way to connect with people I never could ever meet. In North America it was easy to use and different enough from Facebook that I felt there was value in using both.

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WTF Facebook is like a Chair???

OK ever since Facebook went public they received an injection of funds and as they celebrate their 1 billion (supposedly) active users is to come out with an ad. It is a high concept diatribe, that is very meta. Yeah Facebook is a chair, OK yeah sure let’s go with that, oh wait they’re a …

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#LOL #OMG ZUCKERBERG: The Musical! via cdza

This is awesome, that is all. I couldn’t help but LOL at it. Loved the part about the new timeline.

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Through the Facebook Wall

I found this on Slideshare and I had to share it. A great presentation about facebook I wish I could have seen it live. Facebook Beyond The Wall View more presentations from Janice Diner.

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The New Facebook Messaging

So Facebook just revealed the details of it’s new messaging system. I system that is based around people not around conversations. Which is very different from traditional email and I can that the main purpose is to make it more informal and personal to get users to spend even more time on the platform so …

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Facebook Myths Busted

Very cool I love #8 that every post makes an impression where most likely it will just get lost in the noise. But that is something we all experience daily. Sigh but still I love this kind of thing.

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