Google Releases the Trusted Contacts App on Android

Google has released a new app called Trusted Contacts which is its personal safety app for Android. The app is more meant to be used in emergency situations.

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Gmail Blue #AprilFools #LOL

Hmmm a nice one by Google and love the use of Blue that must rile up Microsoft since that’s the name heard round the internets for the next Windows 8 update.

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Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 – The Year that Was

It’s the music that gives the video its punch, mood, feeling. The way it starts of calm and begins to escalate. What a year for better or worse, for what we choose to embrace and what we hide from ourselves and the world. It is a world of contradiction, of hope and fear, of triumph …

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The Battle of the Tablets, Welcome to the Post-PC Era

2012 will not only go down as the year of the tablet but the year when the post-pc era gathered steam and the competition decided to take on Appleā€™s iron grip of the tablet market as it enters the next phase of growth. Not that Samsung, Amazon, Asus, RIM, or the parade of challengers hasn’t tried before.

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Nexus 7 – Should I Pull the Trigger

I really like the Nexus 7 but the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is the no SD card reader for storage and no 3G or LTE. I think wi-fi is great but I want the option to go wireless wherever I am and not always be hunting for an open wi-fi access …

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The World of Glass by Google

So Google showed off Glass for the first time when Sergey Brin interrupted a talk to show off what Glass can do which you can see below. I thought it was an epic way to unveil a project we have heard about for the last few months since the first trailer of it showed up …

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The Google Knowledge Base Comes Calling

The tweaking of search is a constant process at Google and they created the Knowledge Base as an extension of their robust search engine.

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Google Drive – Where is My Data cause a Link ain’t it

So Google Docs is now Google Drive and I like it but it lacks the simplicity of Dropbox for me. The setup is simple and it mass downloads all the files I have uploaded to Google Docs. My big problem is that file storage means files and the files you create on the web side of Google Docs stay there.

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Google Asks do you Go Mo? #adweekCA

On Wednesday Jesse Haines of Google came to Toronto from NYC to talk to advertisers and agencies at Advertising Week Canada about mobile.

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The New Google Bar

The New Google Bar Replaces the Black Bar that we have gotten to know and love or hate over the last year or so. This new bar is meant to unify how you use Google products by making it consistent across Google’s products and services.

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