Words on Work

Shall I seek what is normal Do I become what is expected Am I more than my CV Can I break my limits to seek the other side Visualize in all the details you can imagine every aspect of the dream you will make real Presence in this moment is the path Trust in what …

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Are you a brand, what is your story and how do you tell it?

I originally wrote this for Linkedin, not for anyone to read, it was just for myself but that’s what most writing is for me in the first place, it’s my way to release the tension and be free of it. When you are telling a friend about your last date, or explaining to a coworker …

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A New Way Through the Noise

I should be looking for a job, in reality I have not since the 2012 started. Why haven’t I? I have been afraid of taking chances, of exploring, really exploring the possibilities beyond just a job. I am in transition from what I thought I wanted to do to trying something completely different that is somewhat alien to me.

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The Thoughts Behind my Suit CV

I was talking to a recruiter last month and showed him a 1 page CV I did. He told me that it was too colourful and I’ve heard that a couple times Right now I am sending 2 different ones, the one page CV called metro inspired by Windows 8 preview from awhile back and a cleaner …

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To Job or Not to Job

To job or not to job, that is the path I will find the equation to settle this math A few directions are open each scary and new Should I travel to a job or start to run through   If I were to work what should I do Shall I make my way to …

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Cover Letter and CV Thought and Format

So creating a cover letter is not always easy. While a CV will get you to the door the cover letter is what will open it for the next step which is the interview. It is all about what you are saying in those few paragraphs that will be the difference between the trash can …

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When it rains (you know the rest)

Another “no” as a notch on my belt at least it was one of the better agencies out there that probably has a line up that goes around the block to get into their door. So I sent my resume to them and then heard back from someone from their Toronto office. They said they …

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