Finding a new Beat

I’ve been beating this drum for the last few years, stay in a place, spend as little as possible, find something anything to keep busy and then get out. The only real change I had was when I was living and working in New Zealand and that didn’t end well for me with a crappy …

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Waking up and starting to live

When you live in shame you are not really living you are surviving but not experiencing. I have been guilty of that for my entire adult life. I forgot what it meant to be alive, to enjoy going out or just talking to your friends. I have a great family but I am not close …

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Worth and Value for Today and Tomorrow

What is the value of your life? Is it in your family, the people you touch and or the difference you have. Should you dream to reach those ambitions that drove you as a child or have you grown up and made your dreams small, or have they been shattered so often that you just try to hold on as you hide the truth.

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Release the words with no voice – Wrote this on Facebook but it makes more sense here

Sorry I am pouring the cup dry with this because I only have the words but no voice. The reason I write is because that is where it comes out the best, it is my way to release the knots even if it is just a temporary reprieve from the chaos. No one needs to …

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The art of the Limit and how not to Succumb

Limit -a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass. Some people see limitations as boundaries to break past, others see it as prison that they cannot escape. We all have limitations, some physical and the harder ones psychological. They inform us about what we can do and we …

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