Mass Effect 3 Scenes of Death

This is depressing but since they could have all died in Mass Effect 2 I am just happy all my crew made it to the third one even though I couldn’t bring them back to my squad (which I am still pissed about). Thanks to CVG on YouTube.

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Mass Effect 3 Ending – Pick a Colour, Any Colour

Now throughout the Mass Effect trilogy of games the two paths you can take are as a renegade or a paragon. Basically one you are a bad ass willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, the other you play nice before getting your gun out and busting caps.

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Mass Effect 3 – Time to Save the Galaxy

I remember playing the first Mass Effect a few years ago. It was a new type of game that combined shooter mechanics with the stats and powers you find in an RPG and now here is the final chapter in Shepard’s story YAY!

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Mass Effect 3 Gets it’s own Special Forces

The anticipation is starting to build as Mass Effect 3 begins to loom closer. So as that happens more and more information is starting to make it’s way from the safety of Bioware and out on the net.

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Mass Effect 3 Trailer #hellyeah

I am so hyped for Mass Effect 3 but also a bit scared of what they will be doing with the game. I wonder how Earth will play in and what the story will be like. I also hope that this will not be my last chance to play in the Mass Effect universe. I have …

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