One Month to More than A Year of Muay Thai

Going back to when I first started traveling I never thought I would be doing any sort of martial arts. I thought I would travel the world, see the sights and meet people both locals and other travelers alike. I’ve done all that and a simple remark from a new friend changed everything.

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Getting to Pai via 762 Turns

In the hills of Northern Thailand you can find Pai, situated in a valley that’s 762 turns from Chiang Mai this small stop on the maehong son loop this area is full of personality and beauty.

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Living in Pai, Eating at the Laundromat and the Journey

When you travel it is about seeing the sights and experiencing as much of a place, culture and people as you can but when you live somewhere I find you form habits, places to eat, where you shop, get your laundry done. I put travel on pause while I’ve been in Northern Thailand have come to call Pai just north of Chiang Mai home for the last year or so.

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The Urge to Push On

When you have traveled for a while or even a short time you have the urge to keep on going, of not stopping and heading back to wherever home is.

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Finding a Home for a Moment in Pai

What is a home? I would say that it grounds you, is your private space, is shelter from the world outside.

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Starting the Road to the Muay Thai Ring Day 1 and 2

So after finally deciding to get into the ring I have to wonder if it was the best move for me to make. So here is the thing do I need to fight to make the last year worthwhile? The answer to that is no because before I got here I could have never imagined just being consistent and going almost every day, every session without fail.

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A writing exercise on Pai, describing the feel of this moment

After taking a long road,whose only consistency is the sheer number of deft turns that are so numerous that you lose count of them within minutes you have no idea where you are going. At every turn you can see the forest and hills that surround the region and seem to go on and on …

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Half the Battle is just Showing Up

It’s hard to be dedicated to something, I know that because I’ve always kept my foot in one door and the other out in case it all went to hell. It’s not impossible to be dedicated while making other plans but I find it much simpler and more focused to just go for it.

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Run and Gun vs Settling In

Since I’ve been traveling I find myself in one of 3 modes, where I run and gun from place to place doing the tourist thing or staying in one place and settling in. I’ve done it multiple times on this trip. At the beginning it tends to be the former where you know that there are more things to see and do than you could ever hope to accomplish.

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To wonder is to hope so keep reaching

I guess I’ve always been one to wonder, its one of those things that comes with an over active imagination and an over active sense of thought. It comes with thinking more than acting. It is the pain and the strength. I carry that with me everywhere. I can’t not, that’s just who I am.

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