The Intimacy of Heroes and Villains

As I’ve figured out story elements in movies of strong linkages between the hero and the villain, you do this to make the story more personal as much as they are often going for those epic stories.

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Wandering the Mind’s Eye

As you search for inspiration for the story you are taking so much from the world you see but as you perceive it which is changes everything. It is the difference between seeing the brighter side of its darker one

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When you have no idea what to do just do something

Have you ever been stuck between numerous unable to decide what direction to take. I’ve faced that choice many times and what I know today is that ultimately it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. You can’t keep all possibilities open, that just isn’t an option and if you choose more than one or two can you really give your all to either?

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Layering the Story

I am diving into a script idea but the crux of the problem is focused on how to do justice to the stories within this world. I want to take the structure of a procedural drama and expand on it enough without loosing that which makes the CSI type shows so successful. Those shows have …

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Finding a Starting Point

I am trying to find a starting point to tell this story and the problem I have is that there are many ways to come into this narrative. In reality the bigger problem is finding the sweetspot that best introduces these characters to the audience. The pilot of Mad Men is a great example of …

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The Lock of the (Writer’s) Block

I am reading Story by Robert McKee and in every book about storytelling you face the bitch that is writers block. Personally it is less writers block and more decision paralysis instead. My issue has always been about how to cull the infinity that the blank page brings. How do you tell a unique story …

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Making My Characters Feel Real

There is no one way to do anything and in creating a characters there are a few ways to approach it. The 2 ways I am focusing on are developing all the details of who your characters from the beginning. SO this means going back in time before your story starts to figure out what …

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