Mussings on the Past and What is to Come

I have written for a few sites and it is always fun and frustrating. I did OK in English but I never thought of myself as a writer until that is what I started doing. I am still learning be my own best editor and it is hard as frack (this is for all those …

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Work: Grey Canada’s Mood Clock goes Global

So what is the global mood? Grey Canada is letting you know with their cool new clock app. This is an app that takes the trends from cities from around the world based on their social media data and then visualizes it.

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Campaign: Hyundai Sonata

Here is a commercial about Hyundai’s first hybrid, the Sonata Hybrid by the people at Innocean.

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A Pop-Up Book Web Style for JP Morgan Chase

I bet you would not think about a Pop-Up book, you know the ones that you read as a kid and JP Morgan Chase but here it is. Amazing work, beautifully done, and I want to see this one in 3D because it was made for it. The TV spot is titled change. It has …

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Suzuki Chooses Leo Burnett as AOR

So Suzuki has been on the hunt for a new agency after working with john st. since 2008 and Leo Burnett came out on top becoming their new Agency of Record. The RFP called for a written proposal which was followed up with meetings where agencies presented their work and thoughts on Suzuki. In congratuations of the news …

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The Hyundai Sonata Turbo Faces

The Hyundai Sonata Turbo is a midsized sedan and the people at Innocean Worldwide of Huntington Beach, CA created a campaign that is based on the reactions people get from driving one. Think of it is those cameras that take pictures of you as you speed down a roller coaster and you get the idea. You see each of their calm faces to the excited and that is probably half the fun.

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This is What Happens When Huggies Make Your Baby Move?

You have to admit the baby is cute even though the little on is chaos on two legs which I imagine all babies are at that stage.

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So this is how MuchMusic Rings in the Holidays

Here comes the marathons via MuchMusic. As we all know as the holidays land your favorite shows take a breather and all the channels go into holiday special mode showing movies, specials and marathons.

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Sid Lee Architecture + Vidéotron = #Awesome

When Vidéotron needed to refresh their retail experience they turned to Sid Lee Architecture to create something new. With all the work recently completed on their flagship store, this is the result:

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The Legend of the Juke by TBWAToronto

Listen to how Juke’s 1.6 litre engine made it a legend. Here is an ad or mini move by TBWAToronto.

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