What I Frustrates me in Modern Stories in trying to find the One Story I need to Tell

Culture can often be reflected in the stories we tell, the heroes we create and the situations we put them through. If that is the case, I have come to feel that in the stories told within the Hollywood system hit the same beats with such consistency they warp our view of stories as a …

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The Unseen Path in the Story

I’ve been building a universe for years, much too long without any visible progress. It’s all in a folder just waiting for me to figure out how to tell the story. The thing is I can’t keep on wasting my time. I’ve started writing stories dozens of times and i end up getting stopped dead …

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Words on Work

Shall I seek what is normal Do I become what is expected Am I more than my CV Can I break my limits to seek the other side Visualize in all the details you can imagine every aspect of the dream you will make real Presence in this moment is the path Trust in what …

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The Story I am trying to Write and Why

This is just me writing about the world I have created, what it means and why I am doing it. I’ve been stuck in limbo for way too long and I hope by writing this type of thing I can clear the fog and find a way forward, even if it takes me awhile to …

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Dazed, not confused but keeping my head above water

How do I find a job when I’ve been out of one for years? It’s probably one of the most pressing questions that I face as I look to go back to Canada at some point in the future. Who in their right mind would hire someone whose been largely out of the work force …

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The NANOWIMO Mission starts in just 18 Days #shouldidoit

The clock is ticking for National Novel Writing Month (NANOWIMO) which starts in November and goes till month’s end. I learned about it a few years ago and always wanted to participate but never have. I’d start preparing for it looking to get involved but always got distracted by the closest shiny object in my …

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The Calm in the Chaos

Do you remember being asked what you wanted to be when you grow up? When any choice was possible before reality took the infinite possibilities and made them small. As you grow up you have to get realistic, you are funneled down paths that are not always based on what you want but what’s expected …

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Embrace your contradiction to turn the corner

Just because I am weak doesn’t mean I can’t be strong. You have to realize that we each carry the contradiction with us because it’s that interplay between those forces that makes life unpredictable and special. I love the contradiction, the contrast between what we think and how we feel. How different our rational selves …

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2 Years and 12 Countries (so far)

In 2013 I had hit a wall that I just couldn’t get over, searching for work, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything if only to keep busy. I didn’t believe that I could because I had been kicked to the gutter more times that I care to remember. Here is the thing I …

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Thoughts on “What I am Doing”

I have no clue what I am doing, who I want to be or why I am here? I’ve been traveling for more than a year and a half and although I am not the same person I was I am still searching for who it is I want to be.

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