The Speedboat Frisbee Catch is #BadAss

I was just minding my own business when I saw this video on CNN where you throw a frisbee from the bridge and it is caught by someone jumping off a boat. I wonder how many takes it took to get this one done. You have to love these great trickshot videos.

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YouTube’s Panda goes Cosmic

Cosmic Panda is the longtime coming redesign of YouTube by Google. The most popular video sharing site on the internet is streamlining their interface to give it an even more visual punch than it had before. Anyone with a YouTube account can test Cosmic Panda here (you can switch back at any time). The theme is darker than …

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YouTube to Spend $100 Million to Take on TV with Original Content

The world of YouTube as you know is about to change as the latest rumours to hit the web are that Google’s YouTube is readying about 20 different “channels” that will feature original content for sports, arts and entertainment later this year.

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YouTube’s Ad Blitz Gives the Internet’s Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

On February 19th YouTube revealed who won the Internet Super Bowl Ad war for the top 5 voted ads as voted on by the rockers and the socker YouTube viewers.

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The Highlights from Google #Play at the Guggenheim #yay

This is why I love youtube for stuff like this. I wonder of Google should make basic templates to allow simplistic versions of this type of flash integration for user created channels that get past a specific viewer or subscriber count. It seems kind of haphazard but maybe just maybe there is a method to …

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Aww this is just cool (shoot the bear)

I thought this was a great use of YouTube and I am glad we are seeing more of this. It uses Google Annotations and Flash to make it a experience. I am glad they didn’t shoot the bear. YAY for that!

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@oldspice REMIX: by Mike Relm via YouTube

Way too much awesome, you Rock Mike! Posted via email from @clickeric’s posterous

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Customized Videos by the @oldspice Dude = Awesome

So what do you do to make a great act better have it said by a half naked dude with some great syntax. Well the Old Spice dude is putting out customized video intros for the internet folks. I think this will drive bloggers to the site to take the gamble to see if they …

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